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JMR has over 25 years creative design experience in all forms of advertising including newspaper and magazine, display advertising, online, exhibition, vehicle signage and point of sale. Your company advertising is generally the first thing your potential clients see related to your business. It is important to have a professional image which is eye catching but also one that best represents what your company does.

Jet Technologies

Make an Impression…..that was the brief and that was what JMR delivered. Clean, striking and impactful.


The brief was to give the consumer a feel of strong protection from parasite’s for their animals. JMR created a ‘Game of Thrones’ style to give the feel of strength and protection for the campaign.

Wetstuff / Gelworks

With a sales spike over the Mardi Gras period, Wet Stuff needed a catchy advert to push their silicone range of products.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

JMR has been working with Sydney Olympic Park Authority prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. This advert was a recent Business Events advert for an industry publication.

Bibby Advertising

Bibby Financial Services is a worldwide operation and has entrusted JMR Creative Design to maintain their marketing and branding in Australia & New Zealand. As Bibby has a pre existing brand, it is imperative that JMR follows the strict corporate style guide and guidelines. If your business has an existing brand which needs to be maintained, please give JMR a call to discuss how we could assist your company.

Ecove Prospectus & SMH Display Ads

As a leading Sydney Developer, Ecove needed a rebrand which truly reflected the quality in their products. In step JMR Creative Design. Creating a look of strength, prestige and class, JMR’s rebrand updated their marketing collateral to complement the quality of developments Ecove create.

1AA / Ecove On site display

Once the above rebranding for Ecove was completed, JMR Creative Design rolled out an entire campaign including display advertising, online advertising, signage, website, floorplans, brochures and other aspects which resulted in a sales success for Ecove’s Australia Towers Project.

Kobe Jones Advertising

For a business like Kobe Jones, it’s imperative their advertising delivers a look and feel which is equivalent to the food & service delivered in their 3 Sydney and 2 Melbourne Restaurants. The design of their regular campaigns is a true reflection of the dining experience you will have at Kobe Jones and creative work which JMR enjoys designing.

The College of Nursing Advertising

The College of Nursing was looking for a fresh new look to advertise their courses to potential students. JMR developed the style from scratch and implemented a colour palette to break up the segments of the business. Targeting all ages, the style needed to be modern & fresh but also generic enough to appeal to all ages and both genders.

Rapid Tools Advertising

Rapid tools are a strong and reliable product used across all types of industries. JMR Creative Design came up with an advertising campaign which reflected this strength and reliability to hit Rapid’s target audience. The advertising was used across multiple trade publications in various retail sectors.